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High detailed parts, Dental Parts
Ideal for ABS, PLA, PETG, TPU, ASA materials
Uniontech, formlabs
Ideal for dental, Medical certificated
Functional, High stability and impact strength, Complaint to European Toy Safty Norm EN 71-3
High mechanical properties, High notch impact strength, Perfect choice for housing and tools
High mechanical properties, High notch impact strength, Perfect choice for housing and tools
UV-resistance, High strength, Chemical resistance
Electrostatic discharge protection, Impact resistancen, and toughness
Biocompatible, Smooth surface, Hight stability, and accuracy
High-temperature resistance, High friction resistance, Excellent, chemical resistance
High-temperature resistance (180c degree), High strength and impact strength, Resistance to most of the chemicals, Flame retardant
Hight-temperature resistance(190C degree), Super strength, Chemical resistance, Flame retardant
Hight-temperature resistance(190C degree), Super strength, Chemical resistance, Flame retardant
Heat Resistance to 180C degree, Excellent Chemical resistance, Excellent mechanical properties, Flame retardant, Skin or food contact purpose
Heat Resistance to 260C degree, Excellent chemical resistance, Flame retardant UL-V0, food contact-free, raditional resistance…
USP Class I-VI, US FDA guidance for Intact Skin Surface Devices, Excellent mechanical properties, Chemical Resistance, Biocompatibility
Hight-temperature resistance (186C degree), Excellent mechanical properties, Hot water-free
USP Class I-VI, RoHS6, EU REACH, High-temperature resistance (170C degree), Excellent mechanical properties, Waterproof, Chemical resistance
Flexible, Shore75A, 90A
It offers good strength, hardness and dynamic properties, and is therefore also used for parts subjects to high loads.
MS1 is characterized by having good mechanical properties and being easily heat-treatable to obtain excellent hardness and strength
Ti64 has a chemical composition corresponding to ASTM F1472 and ASTM F2924. It is a well-known light alloy, characterized by having excellent mechanical properties and corrosion resistance combined with a low specific weight
This kind of stainless steel is characterized by having good corrosion resistance and evidence that there are no leachable substances in cytotoxic concentrations.
High Accuracy, Ideal for housing and casings, prototyping
High accuracy, high strength, 50c degree resistance
Semi-transparent and full-transparent
cast able for investment casting
High details
  • FDM-PLA, White, Black, Blue, Black, Yellow, Orange
  • FDM-ABS, White, Black, Blue, Red
  • FDM-PC/ABS, Black
  • FDM-PC, White, Black
  • FDM-ASA, White, Black
  • FDM-ABS-M30i, White
  • FDM-PA+CF, Black
  • FDM-PPS, Sand color
  • FDM-PEI, ULTEM9085, off-white, black
  • FDM-PPSF, Natural color
  • FDM-PEEK, Sand color
  • MJF, PA12, Grey, Black
  • MJF, PA12+Glass filled, Grey, Black
  • SLS, PA12, White
  • SLS, TPU, White
  • Metal-Aluminum
  • Metal-Maraging Steel
  • Metal-Titanium Ti64
  • Metal-Stainless Steel 316L
  • SLA- ABS-like Resin
  • SLA-SOMOS 8000, 128, white color
  • SLA-Clear/transparent resin
  • SLA-Castable resin
  • DLP-Hight Details Wax Resin
  • DLP-Dental Resin
  • Industrial FDM-Plastics 3D Printer
  • Consumer FDM-Plastics 3D Printer
  • SLA Resin 3D Printer
  • SLS-Plastics 3D Printer
  • SLM-Metal 3D Printer
  • HP MJF-Plastics 3D Printer
  • DLP-Resin 3D Printer