Yes. For bank pay, you can order online and give up paying when checking out. Then we can still receive your placed order. Once you have paid it by the bank, send the proof to [email protected]. Then we will help you move it to order started. Our bank info. Can be seen from the invoice. 

For personal instead of company, we recommend you using PayPal or register an account in Stripe, then pay by card.

  • NDA: We already ensure your parts are safe and secure with our confidentiality clauses on our Terms of Sale. If you need further assurance, click HERE to download the NDA, and send it to [email protected] to sign it.
  • Terms & Pravicy: Click HERE to read more.

We’re ISO-9001 certified and trusted by ABB, Danfoss, Leica, Emerson, Simens, MIT, and more. With our 10+ years of experience, engineers oversee the process of making sure that each part meets our high-quality standards.

Max. 30 files per quote. This means that once the quantity of files(parts) exceeds this limit, you need to click “Get a new quote” for the extra files.

We will keep your model for 14 days, then it will be deleted.

However, if you find you are not allowed to upload more models. Then refresh the page, and click ” Get a new quote”.

For orders with failed online payments, you can try clicking on this link to make a direct payment to us via PayPal. It is especially important to note your order number in the comments section, so that we can associate the payment with your order.

The chrome browser can view the interface in full screen. If you use other browsers, it is recommended to reduce the ratio of the browser to 90%

We will send you an email with the tracking No. once order is completed.

Buyer pay for the import tax. However, we will help you provide all necessary documents.

As we are using an AI-learning process, you might find some parts’ prices are much higher or lower, especially for CNC machining. In this case, we recommend you contact us through [email protected] and report the issue. We promise you that we will keep improving on the system.

You will find an option “Shipping with my account” when checking out. Please select it, and type in your account in the note board.

Due to the network security environment, some payments for orders may fail. In this case, there are two solutions. First, click HERE to log in to your PayPal account and enter the corresponding order amount and order number on the payment page. Second, contact us directly at [email protected] for manual assistance.

Yes. Below are the Max. size.

SLA/FDM: Up to 1.7 meter.

SLS: Up to 70cm

SLM:Up to 50cm

CNC:Up to 1.5 meter

Vacuum Casting: Up to 1.8 meter

However, for big size, manual quote is required.

This situation rarely occurs. However, we solemnly declare that any order that is damaged, lost during transportation, or other quality issues will be properly handled to 100% customer satisfaction.