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Prototype Making Company China
Plastic Prototype Companies China

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“I received my prototype today, and I just wanted to express my thanks and gratitude for the excellent jobs you guys did, this enables us to release our new products earlier than we expected before.”

Dora Foidl

Designer-Team Design

“Your diversified service capabilities such as 3D printing and vacuum casting have really benefited us. This allows us to get our products at a low cost and quickly, which is why I will recommend you to more people here.”

Kevin Grandy

Yutong Group

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Prototype Making Company China

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Plastic Prototype Companies China

Additive manufacturing or 3D printing technology, known for its advantages of low-cost and quick turnaround. It provides product designers and engineers more possibilities when developing new prototypes.

However, because of the rapid changes in 3D printing, the materials it can print also change almost every month. This e-book aims to help users choose the most suitable 3D printing materials while reducing the cost of use.

Please send an email to for getting the free e-book.


Free e-book, 3D Printing Guide

1 >> Overview of 3D Printing technologies

1.1 Fused deposition modeling 

1.2 Stereolithography

1.3 Selective laser sintering 

1.4 Multi Jet Fusion 

1.5 Direct Metal Laser Sintering 

2 >> Overview of 3D Printing materials

2.1 3D Printing materials & material Data-sheets 

2.2 Mechanical & chemical resistance 

2.3 Available surface finishes 

2.4 Tolerance & Roughness 

2.5 Functional materials 

3 >> Design Tips

3.1 File preparation 

3.2 Common errors of STL file

3.3 Minimum wall thickness、Wall Gap、Assemble gap –Page 20-21

3.4 More tips

4 >> Methods to save the 3D printing cost

and more

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Advantages of IN3DTEC

Save the production costs

.Unlock new market opportunities with cost-effective production of  prototype and end-use parts

. Keep investing in new technology and purchasing high-speed precision equipment, and produce high-quality parts with required lead times at a very competitive price

Reduce the time to market

. Quote within hours, delivery within days

.Multiple manufacturing capabilities including 3D Printing Service, 3D Scanning & reverse engineering service, CNC machining service, vacuum casting, and injection molding service, results in a quick turnaround for your prototypes and low-volume production.

Superior customer service

. 24×7 hours

Professional technical team

.Free design tips from the prototype/prototyping to the on-demand production

We provide a full spectrum of technologies including reverse engineering and 3D scanning, 3D printing, CNC machining, vacuum Casting, Injection molding, and more services, which enable us to become a one-stop station from prototype to on-demand production.

In order to meet different market needs, we expand our offerings to service Aerospace, Automotive, Education, Electricals, Jigs & Fixtures, Medical, Oil & Gas, Transportation, and more. The opinions of our customers serve as the cornerstones for benchmarking our performance which we are committed to continuously improve.

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