Vacuum Casting Plastics Service China


> Similar to ABS
> Heat resistance to 77 Celsisus
> High tesnsile modulus (2250Mpa)

Vacuum Casting Service Providers

Water Clear PC-like

> Transparent or any customized color
> Heat resistance to 80 Celsisus or more
> High mechanical properties

Vacuum Casting Plastics Service China


> Similar to nylon
> Can be reinforced by CF or GF
> High impact strength and stiffness

CNC Machining Service

Water clear acrylic

>Clear or trasnparent
> Similar to PMMA
> High accuracy with stable dimension

Vacuum Casting Service Providers


> Similar to PP
> Heat resistance to 90 Celsius
> Impact resistance and toughness

Vacuum Casting Plastics Service China


> Similar to Rubber
> From Shore 30A to Shore 95A
> Smooth Surface with customized color

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