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What is 3D Printing?

Addtive manufacturing or 3D printing is defined as the process of joining materials to make objects from 3D model data, usually layer unpon layer, as opposed to subtractive manufacturing methodologies.

IAvailable materials & technologies in additive manufacturing

Polymer: Material extrusion(FDM, FFF), Material Jetting(Polyjet, MJF), ,  Material sintering(SLS), Photopolymerization(SLA, LCD, DLP)

Metal: Powder Bed Fusion, Directed Energy Deposition, Material Extrusion, Binder Jetting, Material Jetting, Sheet Lamination.

As 3D Printing can create objects directly from the digital model, it more and more used today to make proofs, Prototypes, low-volume production end-use parts.

3D Printing process chain

1. 3D CAD model

Make the model in CAD software

2. STL file

Converting the CAD model into a STL file

3. Slicing

Slicing the data in layers 

4. Printing or addtive manufacturing

The printers will print the parts layer by layer until its finish

5. Post processing

Air-blasting, Sand-blasting, Electropolishing, Painting, Plating, coating, and more.

Advantages and disadvantages of addtive manufacturing


+ High flexible in production

+ No cost intensive tools required

+ Component can directly be manufacured from CAD data

+ Geometric design freedom

+ Make the parts on-demand


Low surface quality, but can be improved through post processing-

Limited choice of materials-

Limited mechanical-technological properties-

No cost degression in series production-

Available 3D Printing Services from IN3DTEC

3D Printing Service China

Fused deposition modeling (fDM)

3 days lead time

FDM is a 3D printing technology widely known for its speed, competitive cost, and variety of materials.

Metal 3D Printing Service

Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS)

7 days lead time

DMLS is an industrial metal 3D printing process that builds functional and end-use metals within 7 days

3D Printing Company China

selective laser Sintering (SLS)

3 days lead time

SLS produces high accuracy and durable parts that are capable of being used directly in end-use, functional, low-volume production, or prototyping.

China Dental 3D Printing Service

Stereolithography (SLA)

2 days lead time

SLA produces high accuracy 3D printed resin parts, it can be used for rapid prototyping, housing, and casing parts.

3D Printing Service China

Multi Jet Fusion (MJF)

4 days lead time

In MJF, parts are built by jetting a binding agent onto thin layers of powder particles (typically nylon) and then sintering them using an IR heat source.

3D Printing Company China

3D scanning + printing serivce

4 days lead time

Creates the CAD file in a faster way by 3D scanning and reverse engineering, 3D print it at a low cost.

available 3D Printing Materials




Aluminum(AlSi10Mg), Tool steel, Stainless Steel 316L, Titanium, Copper, Inconel

China Dental 3D Printing Service

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3D Printing Service China

Our 3D Printers

SLS: eos P110, P396; Farsoon 

MJF: HP 4200 & 4210

FDM: Stratasys, INTAMSYS, Ultimaker

SLA: UnionTech, Formlabs, 3D Systems

DMLS/SLM: eos M280, M290, zRapid

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More services

3D Scanning & Reverse engineering

Get your CAD in the fastest way

CNC Machining

CNC Turning & Milling, plastics and metals..

Vacuum casting

Low volume, durable and end-use parts

Injection Molding

50 to 10,000+ parts

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