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What is Fused deposition modeling?

Fused deposition modeling (FDM) is one of the most widely used additive manufacturing processes for fabricating prototypes and functional parts in common engineering plastics. The simplicity, reliability, and affordability of the FDM process have made the additive manufacturing technology widely recognized and adopted by industry, academia, and consumers. 

Many businesses use FDM 3D printing service as it allows the creation of detailed and intricate objects. Therefore, engineers are using it to allow them to test parts for fit and form. It is a technology that is now assisting the creation of small parts and specialized tools that would once take a lot longer to produce.

what is fused deposition modeling
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How does FDM 3D printing work?

The process uses a digital design that is uploaded to the 3D printer. There are a lot of different polymers used, such as ABS, PETG, PA+CF, PEI, PPSF, and PEEK. 

These take the shape of plastic threads that are fed from a coil and through a nozzle. The filaments are melted and fed onto the base, known as a build platform, both of the plate ad nozzle which are controlled by a computer. The computer works by translating the object and its dimension into co-ordinates that make it possible for the nozzle and base to follow.

Jigs & Fixtures

Automotive seating

Client: SAIC Yanfeng Co. Ltd.

Industry: Automotive

Application: QC Gauge

Material: PC

Gauge is essential to product quality control standardization in automotive seating manufacturing. The design quality of a gauge can directly affect the productivity and quality of final products. Engineers at SAIC Yanfeng use a gauge to inspect size and quality of automotive seat components.

Traditional Methods –
Material Cost: $45 for steel and pins
Time/Cost to Machine: 1 hour at $100 per hour for in house tool shop
Cost per gauge: $145
Project Cost: $1,750
Project Lead Time: 2 Weeks

Fused deposition modeling –
Material Cost: $30
Time to Make: 10 hours
Cost per Plate: $30
Project Cost: $200
Project lead Time: 2 days

Electrical Box

Electronics Industry

Client: YUTONG Group

Industry: Oil & Gas

Application: Heat & chemical shield

Material: PEEK

This shield is essential to protect the equipment in the oil industry from high temperature and chemical corrosion in a severe service environment.

Traditional Methods –
Material Cost: $50
Time/Cost to Machine: 1 hour at $100 per hour for in house tool shop
Cost per shield: $23.50
Project Cost: $2,400
Project Lead Time: 3 Weeks

Fused deposition modeling –
Material Cost: $80
Time to Make: 11 hours
Cost per Shield: $80
Project Cost: $500
Project lead Time: 2 days

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