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What is 3D Scanning?

3D Scanning is a process of analyzing an object from the real world, to collect all the data in order to recreate its shape and appearance, digitally. Thanks to this process, the object can become a 3D model, which could help you as a base for the 3D project you are about the development, but it can also be helpful to reconstruct, analyze, or simulate ideas.

From our 3D scanning services, we can provide the best choice of 3d scanning techniques among laser  3d scanning, photogrammetry, and structured light scanning.

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What Is Reverse Enginering?

Reverse engineering refers to recreating design drawings by taking measurements and scanning the object. With the simple process below

  1. Scan the object
  2. Repair the surface to make it perfect
  3. Create a CAD model of the object

TOP 4 reasons you need to choose a 3D Scanning service

3D Scanning is now more popular than ever, and businesses all over the world are embracing it to boost productivity, eliminate unnecessary costs, and create new and exciting products and services. Whether you are an industrial engineer looking for a powerful reverse engineering solution, or a doctor seeking an efficient way to create prosthetics, 3D scanning is a good choice.

Save Time

As fast as 3 hours to get the CAD file

Cost Save to 50%

Allows you to obtain expensive information or data in an easier way, and save your cost of traveling. 

Design and dimension test

Ensure parts fit together on the 1st try

Quality assurance and industrial metrology

3D scanning improves the speed and quality of inspections in the quality control process, and it helps you know the tolerance and accuracy faster.

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Dimension Detection

Quality Control

“What I love about IN3DTEC is that they are providing an excellent 3d scanning services job, which shows me a faster way to create my design easily. I will definitely come back to you in future”.

Alene Elvine – IDC Product Designer

“Your 3d scanning services were everything I hoped for, and more, the CAD created from 3d scanning makes a difference. It was everything I hoped for”.

Jonathan Gerber – DELI Product Engineer

How much does 3D Scanning Cost?

3D Scanning & Reverse Engineering Service from IN3DTEC is very affordable. We have more than 6000+ customers who are satisfied with our affordable price and turnaround service. Like our customer, Luis from Jason Studio, said, ” Your service is the most affordable one I have ever seen, with excellent quality.”

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