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What is stereolithography (SLA)

Stereolithography is an additive manufacturing process that focuses an ultraviolet (UV) light on a vat of photopolymer resin. It offers higher resolution printing than many other 3D printing technologies, allowing customers to print parts with fine details and surface finishes. Stereolithography 3D printing is a highly recommended technology for making custom parts in prototype and production settings, often acting as a stand-in for injection molded plastic parts.


Silicone Moulds For Resin

how does SLA works?

The SLA 3D Printers begin drawing the layers of the support structures, followed by the object itself, with an ultraviolet laser aimed onto the surface of a liquid photopolymer resin. After a layer is imaged on the resin surface, the build platform shifts down and a recoating bar moves across the platform to apply the next layer of resin. The process is repeated layer by layer until the object is complete.

The finished object is taken out of platform and into a lab where solvents are used to remove any additional resins. When the object is completely clean, the support structures are manually removed. From there, parts will be enhanced again by a UV-curing device. Now, it is ready for any customized surface finishes.

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Silicone Moulds For Resin

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