3D Printing Plastics China

SLA Somos Taurus

Somos Taurus is a high-performance SLA resin that is ideal for creating functional, durable parts with excellent mechanical properties and surface finish.

3D Printing Plastics China

Somos Taurs Description

Somos Taurus is a dark Navy-colored resin that is designed to produce parts with excellent detail and surface finish. It has a high modulus of elasticity, which means it can withstand stress and deformation without breaking. This makes it suitable for creating parts that require high stiffness and dimensional stability, such as automotive components, aerospace parts, and medical devices.

Print volume: 800*600*500mm

Layer thickness: 0.08mm

Color: Dark Navy/Blue

Wall thickness:0.5mm minimum

Tolerance: ±0.2% (with a lower limit of ±0.2 mm)

• Easy to clean & finish
• High strength & durability
• Accurate & dimensionally stable
• High detail

Low heat resistance

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