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3D Scanning

3D Scanned Car Frame

The scanned object is the entire car body. After scanning, reverse engineering it into a CAD 3D model. The data can be used for car repair, modification, etc.

3D Scanned turbine

The scanning object is the ship impeller, because some ship parts are relatively old, it is difficult to directly purchase the parts, and the 3D scan data with 3D printing can quickly produce damaged parts

Engine cover

Scanning of automobile engine shell, with reverse engineering data and 3D printing technology, it can copy parts in a very fast way.

3D Printing


The world’s first completely 3Dprinted ready-to-wear swimwear by Continuum Fashion. It consists of waterproof PA 2200, which passed ISO skin sensitization testing and is fully customizable:

Bike stopwatch holder

The stopwatch 3d printed with customized color and customer's personal watch. It consists of UV resistant PA 2200, which is very suitable for outdoor applications.

Air detector

It is a detector used to detect air quality and has functions of temperature detection, timekeeping, and danger reminding. The sample is printed using SLA, which has a smooth surface and high accuracy.

CNC Machining

Car Wheel

It is machined by a CNC 5-axis machine, the material is stainless steel, and the surface is oxidized after processing to increase corrosion resistance.

Seasoning jar

Kitchen tableware, made of stainless steel 304, polished and chrome-treated

Tool pliers

The body is made of machined stainless steel 316, and the handle is a vacuum casted rubber 75A. After completion, the whole assembly is coordinated.

Vacuum Casting

Light and rubber cover

Perfume bottle

Bike Wheel Cover

Injection Molding

Spray pipe

Bottle Cap

Phone case

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